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I am Tom. I have a YouTube channel about my life, living frugal, and prepping. I like to fix cars and garden, and can. I am a IT guy by day and do lot of cool things on the weekend. I also like to shoot guns, so there is quite a bit of gun content on my channel as well.

Garden Live Stream Camera

View My 24/7 Garden Live Streaming Camera

Vintage Canning

Learn about those old canning jars and methods

Putting Food By

All about food storange and preserving

Mittleider Gardening

Learn about the Mittleider Gardening method, and how I implement it to grow lots of strong healthy productive plants

Sharing & Saving Seeds

See what seeds I have available to mail to you for free!

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This website runs on Apache on my Rocky Linux Server in my basement. If such things interest you then you may enjoy my other YouTube channel, Network Engineer's Playground. By day I am a Network Engineer, but by night I fix cars, garden, and do a million other things. Click the link below to visit my other channel.

Network Enineer's Playground

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