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This is my section on preserving food. Here you will find videos related to canning, dehydrating, fermenting, long term food storage, and other methods used to preserve food. Generally, I use NCHFP approved recipes and procedures for canning, see my vintage canning section for things that may not be approved, and use them at your own risk!

Putting Food By



My Canning 101 Series of videos are videos that will teach you the truth about canning, botulism, and how to can correctly so you never have to experience it. The First video talks about the equiment you will need, and the equipment you may want. The Second video talks about the truths and myths about botulisim, how you get it, and what will happen to you if you do. The 3rd Video, takes you through water bathing some dill pickles and explains how little it takes to get started canning.

Canning 101 - Equipment

Canning 101 - Botulisim

Canning 101 - Start Cheap

Qries Qries Qries

Here the first video is about pressure canning for the first time; I take you through pressure canning some carrots, step by step. The next video is how to do easy beans. They start from dried beans and cook while they can. The process the same time as meat, so any time you are canning meat you can fill up any extra space with some dried beans. The final video is about canning chicken, and you will get to see me make a rooky mistake that costs me a jar.

Canning 101 - Pressure Canning

Canning 101 - Easy Beans

Canning 101 - Chicken BOOM!

Qries Qries Qries


Here is the current USDA canning guide. It is a really good book with all the types of food that you want to preserve and instructions and processing times. It does not have as much as a Ball Blue book, but, it is free and covers the majority of what you will need!

USDA Canning Guide


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